Friday, December 18, 2009

Good Morning

Leah keeps telling me I should post more pics.

Here is LB sitting on my knees on our front porch this morning. We just returned from feeding the neighborhood pig some overripe tomatoes. I was thankful for this little girl's hand to hold while we walked down the street, the warmer weather, no snow and not having to work until 10:00 am.

Earlier in the walk. I was trying to take a candid photo with my cell phone, but then she saw it and reached for it.

For the sake of personal motivation, I am going to put out a couple of teasers for future posts:
  • Some of the ups and downs of parenting
  • Who am I? Now that I am a mother, what happened to my hobbies?
  • The day I horrified a fertile with my infertility experience and how much I enjoyed it.
  • Learning to say no: LB, that is, not me
Finally a quick question. For those with blogs and kid(s), why do you choose to post or not post pics of your little ones?


MrsSpock said...

What big blue eyes!

I rarely post pics of my son because of safety concerns- it was something I agreed to due to my husband's urging. Instead I have a private blog that is password-protected for that.

Lavender Luz said...

Oh, I do love seeing her. She is really something special.

My reason (no segue here) for not posting pix of my kids is that once it out there, I (and they) have no control over what happens to the the image and who does what to it.

Just because I'm a control freak.

Toothpaste out of the tube thing.

Jill said...


battynurse said...

Oh Kami, She's so cute!! She's gotten really big.

Me said...

THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR POST. In fact, because I'm so egocentric, this comment has more to do with me than you. But. I'm already typing away so I might as well continue. I don't understand your blog. I don't understand how it is that you are pregnant and have a kid and eve post pictures yet your posts NEVER offend me. Why is that? Why do other women's blogs offend me so HORRIBLY and yours doesn't. Even women that I was very close to while they were TTC and now they're pg and I avoid them in my google reader like the plague. But then you post something, anything, even if it's pics of your kiddo and I gobble it up? What is up with that?

(If there was such a thing as cyber-catnip I would accuse you.)

Me said...

You can expect another blog post from me on this at some point. I will figure out what it is that makes a pg blog palatable and I will tell all of cyber space.

(Or at least the tiny bit of it that visits me with any regularity.)

Sunny said...

Oh she is SOOO cute.

I had a giggle over "the neighborhood pig."

I obviously post pictures of our son, which feels especially hypocritical because I don't post pictures of myself or hubby. I started the blog to keep in touch with long-distance family and friends, so the whole point is to share pictures of my son. I could password protect it, but I also enjoy meeting and sharing blogs with new people out there. I am not 100% comfortable posting pictures, I know people could "steal" them and do whatever they want with them. But there are risks in everything these days, and I'm hoping the fact that I don't reveal our identities means that we are relatively safe, and the chance of our pictures being misused is probably fairly small.

Leah and Maya said...

Thank you see I knew you could do it! YOu know i post pictures but I dont' post pictures of other peoples kids unless I know it OK, and no cute naked pictures, going to the bathroom pictures but otherwise I do of course!

sarah said...

Look at those lucious little cheeks!

Anonymous said...

I post pictures occasionally. Mostly because I'm so proud, but I get nervous about it. It's made me question whether or not I should password protect pictures of her.

BTW, she's adorable!

loribeth said...

I totally understand when parents are reluctant to post photos of their kids on their blogs. In fact, I still haven't posted a completely recognizable photo of myself on my blog yet. But I always enjoy the photos that do get posted. LB is adorable! : )

I look forward to all your future posts, but especially about horrifying the fertile, lol. My kind of story!! ; )

the good eggs said...

I've just found your blog. Been reading the highlight posts and I'm amazed at your honesty and ability to sort out so many complex emotions through your journey. Thank you for sharing!