Sunday, June 20, 2010

Two Years

Two years ago today I was living the drama of LB's birth. It is amazing how slowly two years of trying to conceive lasts compared to two years on 'the other side'.  She is growing so fast which is fun and exciting and challenging and all the things that we hoped for.

Right now we are especially enjoying her new verbal skills.  On my second day back to work, she crawled into the chair behind me as I was at my computer and said "Move over please.  It's my turn."  When I was trying to calm her with a saying I have used in the past that made her laugh ("all is well!"), I got to "all" and she said, "No, no, no, don't say that!"  I hope calling me by my first name is a phase . . . "Hey Kami, can you come in here?  Play toys me?"

Just the same, it is delightful to hear what is on her mind.  We are also spending far too much time together watching videos. I always promised myself that I would never use the tv as a babysitter.  While it is technically a computer and the content is 99% music videos (everything from Sting to Veggie Tales), I still feel a bit guilty.  I also go to bed with catchy kids songs stuck in my head.  Case in point below.  If you aren't singing it to yourself the first time, try watching it again.

Happy Birthday LB!  Thanks for making me a mom (again)!


Summer said...

Yes time flies by too fast on this side and way too slow on the other side.

Happy Birthday, LB!

Lavender Luz said...

Happy Birth Day to both of you! May you play toys together for a very long time.

Leah and Maya said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! and a happy Birth day to you, and I know you didn't like it but you know what too bad, she was born c-section and was healthy and thats ALL that matters.
Glad we got to spend the day with you. Maya didn't want to leave, loved playing with those boys and their swords (and eating popcorn). See you soon hopefully we don't need a boat to get out and see eachother, ha ha ha! and an extra ha!

battynurse said...

Happy Birthday LB!
I love the no no no don't say that. That's cute.
I refuse however to listen to the duck song as yes, it will be stuck in my head all dang day. Although then again it might be preferable to the annoying Miley Cyrus song that's been bouncing around in there for a few days.

Frenchie said...

Happy Birthday dear LB!!!

Laurie said...

Hi Kami, just checking in on you, and wow, happy birthday to your little one, and to both of you I should say. I love the pic of you holding both of them. I tell people I don't lift weights because I have two toddlers. Anyway, don't stress over the videos. I tell myself that my kids need to keep up with technology to be successful in their world, and let my son play on the computer. Also they are a wonderful blessing when trying to get something done!

Laurie said...

Oh and I am so NOT listening to that song. I can only imagine and have too many other kiddie songs/shows in my head. LOL.

battynurse said...

Ok the song is rather cute although if I was the guy at the lemonade stand I'd be serving duck soup as well.