Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I have a rare moment when I am off work for the day and LB is sleeping (although I hope to join her soon) and thought I would give a quick update since I have been pretty quiet about the goings on around the pregnancy.

In a nutshell, the news is good. I am 16 weeks 4 days today. Yesterday was my appointment with my midwife (like the last pregnancy, I am seeing both a homebirth midwife and an OB; alternating every 2 weeks.) We heard that wonderful sound of a heartbeat and I think I even felt LBII move when she placed the doppler. I hope the movement will become more pronounced soon since it is so reassuring that the little guy is still alive.

In two weeks we will have an anatomy scan with my OB, but will not find out the sex. Hopefully we will find out that everything looks good, not that that is any kind of guarantee.

My mood seems to be improving after getting better for a bit and then worse again for a bit. I hope this is the end of getting worse. There are days when I have wondered if I would ever be truly happy again.

Speaking of being happy (or not), I am really unsatisfied with my job lately. Unfortunately, I don't think decent (not good, but ok) paying, part time jobs are readily available so it is this one or unemployment. Believe me that the latter is looking better and better. Brad will support me either way, but I know he prefers that I keep working. I don't earn much especially after paying a babysitter, but it is still enough to make the house payment each month (small house, remember?). Plus, if he suddenly lost his job I could probably go full time the very next day.

I also wonder how employable I would be 5 or so years from now, at 47-ish, if I were to quit working now. We do ok financially, but it would be nice to feel like we had a little more wiggle room in a few years.

Well, LB woke up, but I wanted to share what I found looking for median income - just trying to figure out where we stand. I was surprised to find we are in the 4th quintile. It makes me wonder how everyone buys what they buy. Oh wait, most people don't spend nearly two years net income on fertility treatments.

It is also interesting that if you make over $250,000 per year, you are in the top 1.5%. I wonder how many people in that range think they are in middle class? Well, I suppose they are in middle class if you define that bracket to cover 97% of the population.


Me said...

We are in the 4th quintile as well. My husband's parents and his aunt/uncle are in the that top 1.5%. And yes they consider themselves "middle class". And yes my cousins-in-law complain about their "spoiled" classmates who got BMWs for their 16th birthdays (vs the brand new Toyota Corolla and Mazda 6 they got). And my SIL and BIL both went to Cornell. A person could NOT be more out of place at family gatherings than I am at theirs.

Me said...

I'm such a douche.

I'm glad your pregnancy is going well too.


Leah and Maya said...

yea for off work! Not that I talked to you. YOu should have come out we dressed up in our halloween costume (Maya not me) and took picture with my mom's decorations. $250 middle class, yea freakin right, try 200 less then that, those people must preceive the rest of us to poor then. LBII I like it, glad things are going well with your midwife, haven't really talked to you in a while

Lorraine said...

I have to wonder, too - it seems like "most" households have two incomes, and the average salary is about $40,000 (gross). Hmm....

But, more importantly - anatomy scan! So exciting! Don't you think you might more or less see what's going on in the gender-defining area during the scan? Can you possibly not look?

Lisa DG said...

I am happy that you are feeling a bit better and that you are so far along.

I keep fantasizing about stopping work when my little one comes along, but I don't see that as an option any time soon.

MrsSpock said...

250,000 feels mighty rich to me. Hell, as I am contemplating getting a Pharm.D in 6 years or so, and starting salaries of 100K seems mighty rich to me too.

Sunny said...

I'm so glad the baby is baking just like s/he should, and that your clouds are slowly lifting. Here's hoping for even more happiness in the days to come.

battynurse said...

Glad things are going well with the pregnancy.
I don't know how people manage either. I've seen people with huge mortgages and have no idea how they manage. Like you though I've got a significant amount spent on infertility.