Thursday, July 8, 2010


In my on going effort to be happier I have decided I need to do 3 things:  Exercise at least 30 minutes each day (shown in one study to be as effective as prozac ), eat less junk food and get more sleep.  I am not sure more sleep is attainable at this point so I have focused on the first two.

I started the exercise program about a week and a half ago and so far that is going pretty well.  It isn't too lofty a goal - I am not focusing on losing the baby fat (although that would be nice) or getting in great shape (also nice) - just looking for a mood boost.  Some days it is only a 30 minute walk, but on other days I am getting in a 45 minute bike ride.

I think it was helping, but it clearly wasn't doing enough. I decided to take the next step and cut back on the junk food.  I decided to get through just one day.  I couldn't face longer than that without ingesting some of the good stuff.

Brad joined me and yesterday was the day.  One day sans coffee, chocolate, ice cream, cookies, etc.  I would have told you I don't have a large quantity of these things, but there is some every day.  I might have a 12 oz double iced mocha (mmmm . . . mocha . . . ) in the morning and a 1/2 slice of chocolate mousse cake (from a local bakery - heaven!) in the evening. Perhaps a handful of chocolate chips to get me through the afternoon.  Chronic sleep deprivation has left me going for the next best thing: sugar.

When Brad and I compared notes last night, it turns out we were both feeling very anxious all day.  I went for a 20 minute bike ride to see my sister's soccer game and was so worried about falling and not being able to get my feet disconnected from the clipless pedals or that a car would not see us (I was towing the girls*) that I almost felt that I didn't have it in me to ride home.  I was ready to call my OB to see if maybe my hormones were really messed up. I was imagining the rest of my life being changed by panic attacks.

Nope.  Just withdrawal. It certainly confirms that I may be consuming a few too many empty calories.  With that realization, I am going junk food free today too.  I make no promises about tomorrow.  My long term goal is to reduce the need / consumption of the best stuff on earth junk food but I have no illusions that I would eliminate it all together.

Brad, on the other hand, decided to join his coworkers as they celebrate Mocha Thursday.  His text message to me this morning: "I am but a bag of chemicals.  With the right additives - I run as smooth as a top."

* "the girls"  Wow.  I still can't believe I get to say that. 


Me said...

Um, I think your husband's message is hilarious!

R. said...

I also think your hubby is funny. Good for you for trying to take some control, I feel exercise would be great for my mood also, but it is just SO hot right now, I don't feel like it.

Leah and Maya said...

I'm with Brad of course, but definetly I have withdrawls otherwise, maybe less would be good but I'm not a less girl, all or nothing for me. so are you camping, or maybe pictures and dinner tonight and maybe a swim?

Frenchie said...

I applaud you...I cannot make it through the day without caffeine. And, it's gotten worse, far worse since I became a mom of two! And sugar. Holy smokes. Good for you.

battynurse said...

Very interesting. The anxiety being caused by withdrawl from chemicals isn't one I had considered before. Makes sense though. I have given up on a lot of the junk I used to consume although I've added a few others which I don't love but feel somewhat necessary right now. I'm still drinking caffeine because I can't imagine not.
I love your husbands text though. That's funny.