Monday, December 1, 2008

Everything I Need To Know I Learned From My Cat

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I am late getting to it, but I especially wanted to thank Geode and B who suggested that I could hold on to that happy memory of getting a positive on a home pregnancy test in spite of what happened afterword. When I first read the comments, I thought it was a good idea in theory, but didn't really know how to apply it because that memory leads to a cascade of bad memories. Then PJ said that she wishes she had a memory like that - even if it didn't eventually change her outcome (she is one of the involuntarily childless). Now I am grateful for that memory - for that chance to experience innocence in that moment. I still don't know how to think of it without thinking of all the bad, but I would not wish to erase it. I hope that makes some kind of sense.

I apologize for not linking to everyone. I am a bit pressed for time this morning and really should be working. I encourage you to go to the comments on my previous post and explore these lady's blogs. They are all remarkable and each is in a different place in their journey.

Now, about the cat. For my Perfect Moment Monday post I would like to share an experience from yesterday. LB first learned to roll over because one of the cats walked past her and she stretched and stretched to reach her. Just a little bit further . . . and she was over. Now she has, on a rudimentary level at least, learned about cause and effect.

She was playing with a plastic tape measure - the kind you use for sewing. She was shaking it and chewing on it. The cat started playing with the other end as cat's tend to do. LB was so excited! This is the first time I have seen her giggle without another human around. In fact, without another human working kind of hard to make her giggle. She chewed, the cat pounced, she laughed. She jiggled, the cat swatted, she laughed. It went on for about five minutes. At one point, she had gotten the cat's end of the string a bit too close (to her) for (my) comfort, but she survived unscathed.

I wonder what the cat will teach her next?

For more perfect moments on this fall (winter around here) morning, go visit Lori.


Lori said...

That cause and effect moment is HUGE. I wonder if it will result in a leap in elimination training?

I love the image in my mind of LB and the cat. So playful!

RJ said...

I love it!!! M is experimenting with crawling because he is motivated to grab/taste/snuggle the cat. Luckily, we have a very patient cat :)

MrsSpock said...

It was so interesting to watch J change from a newborn oblivious to most of the world around him, to a tot who giggles at and chases the cat.

Geohde said...

If I was of any help, I am glad,



Anonymous said...

I'm guessing--

"if you pull my tail again I will show you what claws are really for"

Sky said...

Animals are truly so good for children of all ages. They're awesome buddies who teach you an enormous amount about compassion, love and pure joy (and if they help inspire you to turn over, that's not bad either)!

Props to kitties and babies!

Kate said...

Ha! I'll have to share with my husband yet one more reason why cats are such wonderful animals! He's yet to admit it, despite the fact we have two!