Friday, February 20, 2009


How do you get a sleeping baby to wake up? Think to yourself, "Hey! I have some time to blog!"

So in lieu of a comprehensive post about EC'ing I was hoping to write, I am just going to throw out some random thoughts / observations as the day permits.

  • LB isn't quite crawling yet, but she is close. She scoots backwards pretty well and rolls around.
  • One of my favorite nurses at my clinic just gave her notice. It can't be a good thing when a nurse leaves after years with nothing else lined up. Selfishly, I hope I don't notice a difference beyond missing my nurse.
  • LB's favorite food is avocado. She will lunge for it. She hates banana and while she doesn't usually spit it out, she will sometimes shudder as she eats it.
  • I'm getting cold feet about our FET in April. We only have one embryo and there is only about a 10% chance it will make a live baby, but it is worth trying since it is more than $20,000 less than a fresh cycle and we only want one more kid. If we had a surprise pregnancy, I would be thrilled so I think the hesitancy is due more to not wanting to go back to the clinic. I was always treated well, but there is just so much stress and bad memories associated with it (with some good memories too).
  • I don't want LB to grow up comparing herself to others. It is a habit that has certainly not served me ("Why does she get a baby and I don't?"). How do you do that in a society as competitive as ours? How do I learn to stop modelling that behavior?
  • LB loves to play peek-a-boo. Actually we call it "Where's LB?!". We cover her with her blanket and shout "Where's LB?!" Sometimes she pulls the blanket down herself. Sometimes she goes perfectly still so I ask around . . . Ender, have you seen LB? Chaucer, have you seen LB? Then I find her and all her limbs start flapping! One of our favorite games.
  • 20 years ago when my mom made me my latest baby blanket (adult sized) she got enough material to make 3 more for my sisters. She never made them. One of my sisters had decided she doesn't need a duplicate of her baby blanket anymore (how crazy is that?!). I now have that material. With some slight modification I hope to make a new one for me and two for LB (or one for a sib if we should be so lucky)
  • I'm getting used to the idea of only having one child. Even though we are going to try, I just don't believe it will work. Yes, part of this is me trying to protect myself. Better to be surprised with it working then disappointed when it doesn't.
  • If I believed in a god, I would be praying for Spring or at least a good thaw. I want to ride my bicycle!
  • I love the way LB pushes herself from her tummy to a sitting position. So cute!
  • On our first plane trip with LB, I was doing my best to keep her quiet and comfortable to be kind to any fellow infertiles who may have been aboard. Shortly after a beverage service, she started to get pretty unhappy so I opted to walk her up and down the aisle to calm her. I put her in front of me facing out and walked up the aisle and it was working. I turned around to walk back towards our seat at the back of the plane and she started squealing with delight. She sounded like an airhorn from the good ship Look At Me. That is not what I was hoping for. We managed to entertain her the rest of the flight from our seats.
  • Just over two weeks to daylight savings time!
  • LB is 8 months old today.
That's all for now. Hopefully soon I will be posting about our EC experiences. For the time being a teaser . . . we almost never change a poopie diaper and haven't changed one in over 3 weeks. The diarea she had while diaper free a couple of days ago doesn't count. Oh, did I mention she was teathing?


battynurse said...

I notice myself comparing myself to others a lot too. Don't know how to prevent that either. She sounds like she's getting so big. Good luck with FET, I'll be thinking of you.

Sky said...

Good stuff - thanks for sharing.

I feel a little more hopeful for your FET. And you never know is funny, you may just kick out a perfectly good, strong, healthy egg a year from now at just the right time. It would be funny. It would be life. And I wish it for you.

MrsSpock said...

I had though we'd be TTC starting in April again, but I've got cold feet myself. I'm now thinking of this time next year.

J hates banana too. It makes him shudder.

Is there ever a potty-training period with an EC kid?

Kristine Gray said...

I'm scared too of doing an FET, even though ours is farther down the road. If if doesn't work I don't want to have those feelings of failure that I experienced. Others around me say things like,"When I have my next baby..." or "If my next baby is a boy/girl..."
There is never any doubt in their minds that if they want that baby then it will happen. Makes me angry and jealous at the same time.

I never realized before that our babies were born on the same date. I knew about the same time but never looked at the date before. Happy 8 months!

wifethereof said...

Signed in with the wrong account. It's me-Wifethereof!