Monday, August 9, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday: Sunday Afternoon

Douglass Adams describes Sunday afternoons as 'the long dark tea-time of the soul'. The weekend is all but over and Monday morning is looming large.  If I recall correctly, he even has one of his characters give up immortality because of those Sunday afternoons were too much.  Or was it to have fresh linen every night?

The point is that we are no exception to feeling 'the blues' on a late Sunday afternoon.  I think this is where 'living in the moment' can be so important.  There is nothing positive to add to a Sunday by dwelling on the coming Monday so yesterday in order to shake those blues we decided to throw the kids in the cart and go for a walk.

Well, that was the plan.  LB wanted to walk so Daddy pushed the cart with the infant I could have carried while we strolled down the road with the sun at our backs. We waved at our shadows and watched them disappear and re-appear as we walked under trees.  To our unending delight, LB would shout "Oh, there I am!" when her shadow would re-appear.

We ended up walking to the nearby baker where we earned our parents-of-the-year award by sharing our chocolate cake and iced tea with L B (Could that be why she didn't fall asleep until over an hour after her normal bedtime?).  LBII got held and passed around to the delight of the baristas who loved to watch LBII's total-body-smile. 

After too short of a stay we headed back home.  LBII got a little fussy so I put her in a sling for the rest of the trim and LB took turns with Brad reading her book aloud (she has parts memorized).  We all took turns repeating the phrase "I love summer!"  Well, LBII didn't say it aloud, but I am sure she was thinking it.

We forgot all about Monday morning and had a perfectly delightful time.

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Frenchie said...


Lavender Luz said...

Simple pleasures are what Sunday afternoons are made for.

Or mowing the lawn. I'm glad you and your family chose the former :-)

Panamahat said...

Awww. So nice!

battynurse said...

sounds great. Just memories of that bakery is enough to give me full body smiles. I miss cookies.

Leah and Maya said...

oh yes sounds lovely! voted so thats done, I see they are #2, never even heard of the other place. Jack's site wasn't in PDF's basically said the same stuff, will ahve to research again to see if I Have to have a prescription or if my OB ever got my chart note, if so she would probalby help me out.

R. said...

sounds like the perfect day.