Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Not Covered

That was the statement on my new jobs health insurance plan after the words "Infertility treatment."

Dang it! I as hoping. I didn't really expect it, but I allowed myself to hope that maybe that would be an excuse to try one more time with my eggs. It looks like they might cover some infertility drugs, but not sure how that will work with a DE cycle.

I feel so broken right now. I just want someone to tell me that just because I can't have a baby doesn't mean I am without value. Oh, and I want to believe her too. I guess that is the tricky part.


Princess Peach said...

I'm sending you a sincere (((HUG))). You and the rest of us are of upmost value for the people we are today. For the people we are on the inside. It may sound corny but it is so true!

Wishing you the peace.

Shellie said...

Can you tell that men dictate the terms of an insurance policy?!?!?!