Thursday, July 19, 2007

Share the love

I was going to post about how I am slowly coming to terms with moving to donor eggs, but it kept turning into "poor me" instead. So I took a breather and roamed around some of my favorite blogs and decided to take Lori up on her suggestion to count the ways I love myself.

This is probably just what I need today.

  • I love my ability to work with all kinds of people (I am still enjoying my new job).
  • I love my uterus. It creates a happy, safe place for our embryos.
  • I love my ovaries. They have done they best they could do in a tough situation.
  • I love my smile - especially when it goes all the way to my eyes.
  • I love my body. I can dance and ride my bicycle.
  • I love my tummy. I am more than thin enough.
  • I love my heart. It keeps beating and keeps me breathing even when it aches.
  • I love my eyes. They let me see the beauty of summer.
  • I love my skin. I love all the nerve endings that let me feel the breeze.
  • I love my mouth and the way it makes me feel when it smiles.
  • I love that I can still laugh and love and enjoy life.
  • I love me. I am my oldest and best friend.
Thank you Lori - a wonderful idea. I am feeling more content and less weepy. I think I will hold on to these thoughts while I take my lovely feet for a walk by the river.


SULLY said...

That is a wonderful idea! Very positive approach!

Shellie said...

I agree...wonderful idea. We should all do that from time to time.

Irish Girl said...

Excellent idea! We could all stand to be kinder and more gentle with ourselves.

Lori said...

Kami, I love this ode to yourself.

Was it hard to think this way? I found that to be so. It's too bad that our culture isn't more supportive of loving ourselves.

Maybe that's one thing blogging friends can do for each other.

You go, girl!

midlife mommy said...

I like your idea. I wish someone had suggested it to me when I was struggling with the DE issue.

I understand completely how hard it is to let go of the genetic link. It took me years to get there. But I really believe that you get the child that you were meant to have, even though the path to finding them may be rough at times.

Best wishes to you in your journey.

Ann said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm excited to have discovered your blog, and to be able to join you on your journey toward using donor eggs!

Princess Peach said...

keep your chin up...wishing you the best