Saturday, April 12, 2008

Is it healthy?

Today was the first really nice day this year. To celebrate, I went for my first bike ride on my new Novara Rondenee bike. Instead of getting the kid trailer I got a new bike. Hey, I need a new bike to pull the trailer! It was actually Brad's idea and I have been riding a 16 year old mountain bike as a commuter bike for the last 7 years. I wouldn't call myself an avid biker, but I ride to work around 3 times a week so I think it will get a lot of use. Plus I hope to take LB for rides soon (look at me . . . planning for the future!)

The ride was wonderful. It made me feel more like my old self. It was a bit awkward, both because of the different feel of this bike, but also because of the way my body feels differently. I can tell I have less energy and not just because of the pregnancy - I am just not that active in the winter. But it was still just so much fun!

As I was riding and realizing how much fun I was having I thought, "Hmmm . . . maybe I will blog about this." I started composing the blog in my mind. Then I realized, instead of enjoying the moment I was telling a story about the moment. "Craziness!", I told myself and brought my attention back to the feel of the wind, the view going by, the people I would pass and say "hi" to. I wondered if one or more of those people was trying to conceive and here I am with a pregnant belly - not only disturbing their quiet walk, but also shouting a friendly, "Hello!" "Hmmm . . . maybe I should blog about this" and off my mind went.

Back to the bike ride, Kami! "I know, I will start a personal journal again, then I will not feel like everything I do is a story to be told." And I started mentally composing a blog about how I will stop thinking about blogging.

Does anyone else do that?

For now, I haven't started a personal journal and I was able to mostly get my mind back to the moment. It was a very nice ride.


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stacyb said...

keeping your mind on the moment is so hard...i try and try and then i too compose something in about that...or i write it down in my journal...writing about how i shouldn't write about the moment but just be in it...sheesh!

someone said to me just the fact that you realize you aren't in the moment is helpful. i like that idea.

glad you enjoyed your ride.

G said...

When I started my blog, I made a pact with myself... no blog dialogue in my head. Now, I am not always successful and my posts are probably more superficial than others, but when the blog dialogue starts to creep in, I try to push it down and get back to the moment. It doesn't always work :)

Sounds like a lovely day, glad you guys on the East side had lovely weather too.


Michell said...

I often find myself composing blog posts in my head. Glad you had a day nice enough for all of this. I heard the weather was finally getting better.

Miss Conception said...

I do that ALL the time! I'm actually glad to know that I am not the only one. On my runs, I would often compose blog posts because it seemed as though my mind was clearly when I was pounding the pavement. I had full blown arguments in my head, would compose letters to businesses in my head and I think it was the clarity that came through running that did it.
Glad you were able to get out in to the fresh air today!

Fertilized said...

I also compose blogs in my head. Some get posted and others just fade away.

I am glad you are getting to ride a new bike.

Freyja said...


But if I don't write it down it will almost certainly never make it to the web.

singletracey said...

I am so glad you had a nice ride and were feeling so good! It sounds like you were in a good place :-)


Irish Girl said...

Yes! Sometimes things will happen or I'll say something profound while talking with D and he'll say "you should blog about this!" But usually I forget :)

The bike ride sounds wonderful. So glad you enjoyed it.

You are so sensitive of others being hurt by seeing your pregnant belly. It is very thoughtful of you but I want to share something I've been focusing on lately. When I see a pregnant woman these days I imagine that maybe she struggled and hoped for too long or endured loss or otherwise finally arrived at that place I long to be (to be pregnant!) It makes me feel hopeful to think this way. So maybe someone like me sees you and is filled with happiness to see that your dream is coming true and maybe someday theirs will as well! :)

Foreverhopeful said...

Congrats on the new bike and glad you had such an enjoyable ride. Its so nice to hear you say you have moments you feel like your old self. I hope you continue to find that.. :) :)

luna said...

congrats on the new bike purchase. enjoy. I just got a new bike too and I'm looking forward to my first ride. hmmm, I am working at home today...

simple awareness of the moment is a good thing. ~luna