Thursday, June 5, 2008

Midwife appt # 9: 39 weeks 0 days

We have gotten some good news and some not-so-good news.

The not-so-good news is that my blood pressure was up with the midwife too. That kind of surprised me. The frustrating thing is that her recommendation is to . . . wait for it . . . get more exercise! Yep, the exact opposite of what my OB recommends.

The good news is that she actually agrees with my OB on two counts: 1) if my b/p continues to go up then we will induce, although she means by using alternative means such as herbs and acupuncture and 2) If my b/p gets up around 150/100 during labor we will be at a critical point (my OB said to go to the hospital, my midwife said, "Then we have to get the baby out.")

Even better news is that I got my blood work results back from my OB this morning and in the 6 days between blood tests the numbers have gotten only slightly worse, although the difference is within the error margin of the test. So far, only my kidneys have taken a hit - and it isn't too bad.

Dr. Wonderful asked why Cathy didn't just induce right away, but then answered his own question by saying, "She probably wants to give you a little more time." I told him we were going to try alternative means to induce if needed and he thought that was an option. Since I would prefer to be successful with an out-of-hospital induction (if needed) and not wait to the point where that is not an option, I have agreed to let him check my cervix when I see him tomorrow. He believes that if the cervix indicates a Bishop Score of 10 then induction is likely to lead to labor.

The best news is that I asked him if he thought I was likely to end up in a hospital and he said no. Yeah!

Now I just have to figure out how to get more exercise while on strict bed rest.


Summer said...

Does mental exercise count?

Got my fingers crossed for a good delivery!

Lori said...

"Now I just have to figure out how to get more exercise while on strict bed rest."

Under normal circumstances, isn't this what a husband is for?

Kami, I'll be holding you in my thoughts in the coming days. Not just that you safely deliver a healthy baby, but that the delivery goes according to your vision.

Best to you, my friend.

Geohde said...

Exercise while in bed sure sounds like a challenge to me.

Heavy remote lifting? Lots of rolling? Air cycling?

Truly oxymoronic.

Hope you get the labour show on the road soon, and the BP behaves,


Michell said...

hmm. That's a tough one, more exercise while on bedrest. I hope the next few days go well and that everyone and everything all comes together in the end.

MrsSpock said...

My first thought about exercise when lying down made me remember my Strawberry Shortcake exercise record from the 80s ( yeah, pre-video) where we did "bicycles upside down"...but after reading Lori's suggestion I like that one better ;).

If you do an induction I hope the acupuncture works- our hypnobirthing instructor had quite a few stories from students where it did. From personal experience- a hospital induction sucks ass.

B said...

Isn't that what pilates is? Excercies while lying down?

You are in my thoughts and heart (which is almost in my throat as I read this).

Stay safe.

Time to fly LB.


B said...
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katedaphne said...

Personally, if someone told me to take bedrest I would jump for joy! Instead, I am killing myself at the gym. Ah, life.

Kami, take care of yourself, ok? Pls don't let what you want take precedence over what you need. Little Butterfly wants you healthy, ok? And so do I.

Love kate

familyoftwo98 said...

LOVED your last line! If you figure that one out...please let this couch potatoe know.

WOW, so baby COULD come at any moment now huh...yikes. I can't wait to see pictures! I have been following you since before you got I can't wait!!!

We will be thinking of you!!!