Monday, March 9, 2009

Cuddle Time

We went to a friend's house last Friday night for dinner. Just 5 adults and two kids - LB and an 8 year old.

Everyone was gathered in the den and LB was being entertained by others. I'm not sure how it happened, but Brad and I ended up in the living room instead. He was sitting on an oversized chair and I quite naturally cuddled up with him.

For those of you still ttc this is your reminder to enjoy your time with your partner while you can. I knew our time would be limited, but I didn't realize it would be this limited. I didn't realize 5 minutes to feel our bodies next to each other, fully clothed, would feel like magic.

I'm not complaining, I am appreciating a perfect moment.

Visit Lori for other perfect moments.

In other LB news, she officially has her first sign - "bye bye". She consistently uses it when we say good bye to people. Some times she opens and closes her fist like little kids do when they wave (why is that, by the way, we never showed that to her), but she will always bring her arm up. She will also say mama and dada when she seems to be talking about us, but she will use them both in other contexts as well so we don't count those yet.

She is also crawling and babbling a bunch. She loves baths and dancing - she will start lauging when I ask her if she wants to dance and I turn the cd player on. She is also learning to express herself when she isn't happy. I am sure I am scarring her for life when I laugh at her displeasure. It is just so dang cute!

I think we might have also slept for 4-5 hours in a row last night! I'm not sure because just because I don't remember waking up, doesn't mean that I'm not. Since we co-sleep, I can roll over, let her nurse and fall back asleep without being conscious enough to remember it the next morning. Still, I feel more rested today, so whatever it was, I would gladly take it again.


Kristin said...

Those rare, quiet, adult moments are priceless.

Lori said...

I completely "get" this perfect moment!

(But not often enough, lol.)

Kalei said...

jealous! C and i hardly see each other in between our opposite shifts! great moment!

Kalei said...

oh, and my violet started waving goodbye to everyone! =)

Lorraine said...

We did the sleeping/nursing thing for a long time - I just couldn't function any other way.

I had read that in the Elizabethan times people slept for about four hours, got up and did their nightly business (um, yeah that, but also nursing - including wet-nursing) for an hour or so, and then had a second sleep until morning. My daughter and I just couldn't ever get on that kind of schedule.

Leah and Maya said...

I have to tellyou about my dream I had this morning. I will call you soon. I can still snuggle with Joe and now Maya will join us, which is so sweet. When we first came home or he came for a visit, she would not allow him to even have his arm around me, too funny, wellI guess not for her.