Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just A Little Rant

I will try not to be too negative because this isn't really a big deal, but it bugs me just the same.

The other day I was checking CNN for the headlines. I think it may have been the day the Nobel Peace prize was announced. Definitely some news there, but it was a few other articles that irritated me.

All on the same day there was:
  • News that the Dugger's were expecting their first grandchild
  • Someone had her second set of twins in two months
  • Someone was expecting a boy
The last article I clicked on(in hindsight proving that it IS news) because it was the most non-news of them all. I thought it might at least explain who the person was and why I should care that she was having a boy. It didn't. It just said that this person was very happy to be pregnant, but even happier to know the baby was a boy so she could now go shopping and fix up the nursery. WTF? You and a million other people, I suspect.

Again, why should I care? How is this news?

Ok. I am off my soap box.

As for a more personal update:
  • LB may be getting her first illness. She has a runny nose and Brad has a cold. I am hoping it is just a teething thing and it will pass.
  • I think I have been feeling LBII move lately, but still won't believe it until I see it - next u/s is this Friday.
  • We are seriously talking about me quitting my job if we have a live baby in March. I already feel like we don't make enough money, but who doesn't? Everything has trade-off's.
  • We are shopping for a king size bed. The biggest question - will it fit into our bedroom and will we still be able to open our dresser drawers?
  • My diet has taken a nose dive. While LB has been mostly sleeping through the night for several months now, I still don't. I wake up every time she moves, which is often. If she doesn't move for several hours, I wake up to make sure she is still breathing. It's crazy. I wonder if it is changing hormones that make it harder to sleep deeply. At any rate, I keep up my energy by eating lots of carbs - usually in the form of chocolate. I pop handfuls of chocolate chips like a addict popping pills.
It seems like I am a bit of a downer today. All my bullet points have a negative bent to them. When I do this to Brad he counters with, "Tell me something good that happened today." Here are some good things.
  • I slept pretty good last night.
  • LB and I danced to some kid music in the kitchen before work.
  • After work, we hung out on a blanket in front of the fireplace and she played while I read.
  • Right now LB is sitting on my lap and I am enjoying how it feels.
  • Brad will be home soon and I am going to try really hard not to eat anymore banana chocolate chip cookies. (Why do I hear Yoda saying, "Either do or do not. There is no try."?)


Lorraine said...

Chocolate chips! Straight out of the bag, even though they were bought especially for a recipe. (There are usually enough left that we can still bake something.)

I am so glad I quit working when my daughter was born. Yeah, things weren't luxurious but it was well worth it. This time I will take a few months off but I love my office and my boss, so I don't want to lose that part of my life completely.

I think working from home with two little ones about would be really, really hard. Better to just pile into the new giant bed and embrace the stay-at-home dynamic!

PS - We have a California king, which is a bit narrower than a standard king but longer. It's still wider than a queen, but maybe not so much that the drawers would be such a problem?

battynurse said...

My mom used to eat a spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate chips on top. Strangely I like chocolate but don't crave it much. I'd much rather have cookies or other forms of sugar. My latest is candy corn.
I don't know about your house but I know my little house in Wa there was no way a king size bed would have fit.
Hope you sleep well.

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

REally a bigger bed? put her in the playpen next to you, I know its your life but I just can't wait to see how a big bed fits in your bedroom, could you even walk around it?

RJ said...

More later. . . and long overdue. . . We just ordered a Cal King--our room is very small. Between the boy and the cats, we can use a few more inches!!

No worries on the negativity At least you used bullets to make it more terse :)

I still eat like crap. Nursing has spoiled me and my metabolism! Enjoy it while it lasts!


Lisa DG said...

That yoda quote is one of my all time favorites.

I think hormonally, it is easy to be negative in the pregnancy state- I have noticed myself gravitating towards the negative too.