Monday, December 13, 2010

Things To Say

I've got them, believe it or not.  I have thoughts I want to share on being a donor egg mom, about remembering to live in the moment, about continuing to heal from IF hell, about how excited I am that the IRL support group I host has been able to expand to include a primary infertility only meeting, even some thoughts on parenting in general.

But what I have time for is this:

I am not much a fan of Christmas.  Early on I hated the way it overshadowed my birthday (I will be 43 on the 19th), then I learned to dislike the commercialization and the way Christmas music blasted in all the stores now seems to have the undertone of "buy, buy, buy".  Then I went from agnostic to atheist and the"Christ" part of Christmas seems silly.  I still celebrate because the secular part of it is fun and I tend to think of it more of a solstice celebration than anything - which is probably the origins of the holiday.

One thing I love though, is the lights.  In these long, dark, nights, I love to drive around and see all the lights.  I think we should stop calling them Christmas Lights and start calling them Winter Lights.  They should go up by mid November and stay until the end of January.

When I am in charge, I will make it so. 

Happy Solstice to everyone.  May you enjoy what you can and survive the rest.


Summer said...

So good to hear from you! Sounds like life is good for you in general and that is great to know.

Hope the rest of winter treats you well, too, and you have some time to update some more.

tireegal68 said...

So agree about the lights! And considering most of the country doesn't go to church why do they care about taking down their lights after Christmas? Me, a little bit religious, married to my future minister UCC wife - not into Christmas bar the lights and some music - but not the manic music they play in the shops! Have a good one - hope we all come out unscathed! Xoxo

battynurse said...

Hmm. The 19th. I was a little early. Oops, must have misread that e-mail from FB.
As far as Christmas I don't know what I believe as far as the whole God/Christ thing goes but I LOVE the Christmas decorations. I used to love the lights as a kid and was often told how they were bad and Satan made them pretty so we would want to do it. Hows that for messed up. I do over compensate a bit with the decorations. I just figure I was Christmas deprived as a child and I'm making up for lost time.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I like the lights and the music. And do NOT like the commercialism and the dissing that Christmas gives to those with December birthdays.

Your other topics sound fascinating, and deep. I'll wait :-)

Happy Solstice to you, too!

Frenchie said...

Yes--happy Solstice! So good to hear from you.

Lorraine said...

Late comment, as usual - but I had to since I am all for the Winter Lights idea!

I am also an agnostic-turned-atheist, but love all the decorations and cooking and lights and parties that go along with the winter holidays. I just let it all hark back to the ancient celebrations that made the long cold winter bearable. Why we have to be Jingle-Belled to death at the grocery store is beyond me, though!

Hope you are in charge soon!

Lisa DG said...

ho ho ho...happy solstice and happy new year. Glad to hear you are doing ok. I gather being a great mom keeps most of us from also being great bloggers these days. Take good care...

St Elsewhere said...

Dear Kami, I just wanted to send you a hug and a squeeze for the kind comment you left me.

No, people do not get it.

And no dear, you did not overstep your bounds.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this amazing blog! I hope to see more posts from you) I have PCOS and I know how it feels. I've been in treatment for years. Unfortunately it brought zero result. I'm currently pregnant with twins from donor egg. I should say now I have no feeling my babies are not mine genetically. To be honest I had some doubts. I didn't know how I feel about the procedure... I thought maybe I should wait and try something else and it will help me to get pregnant. But we'd found out that the likelihood of having our own children was practically zero. So ivf with donor egg was our last and only one option. I have a very 'modern' family with step parents/brothers/sisters, half siblings and step nieces and nephews etc. Genetics really means nothing to me. People who raise and love you are your true family. In the beginning my dh wasn't fully on board. We had some very serious arguments about the procedure. But when he found out I was pregnant everything in him changed! The babies I'm carrying are our children and will always be ours. It's such a hard decision to make, I know. Only you will ever know if it's right for you or not as it's not right for some people. I look at it like at usual treatment of infertility. Doctors just help you a little bit. And then you carry/ give birth/ raise - do what usual parents do. We still haven't decided whether or not we'll ever tell the babies about the donor. But we're definitely not telling anyone else how we came to be pregnant. It's only our business. I don't see something super special in it so everyone should know. These babies are mine. I really feel it and I don't make myself to do so)