Friday, November 9, 2007

A guest blog entry, bought to you by the Great Blog Cross-Pollination

I was thinking about my situation on my way to work. My husband and I have tried to get to the point where we are today, for 5+ yrs. We have struggled an uphill battle. Although, we are eternally grateful to be in the position we are in (currently just 6 weeks pregnant) and wanting to scream it from the tallest building, we know that we are not in the clear yet. We want to share this wonderful miracle with so many but we feel something holding us back. That something is past experiences, reality, and history. It sounds so foolish to me that I want to tell people. I feel like that girl who gets her very first BFP and runs out and buys maternity clothes, and baby accessories. Part of me feels that innocence again. The newness, the potential. In that innocence, I also feel a tug of reality and rationality, which is reminding me to be patient and safe.

We fantasized about when and how for so long now, we never thought it would be a real scenario we were experiencing. In that fantasy, we waited to tell people until we knew the sex of the baby. We talked about not finding out about the sex and not telling people the sex or the name. And now, all I can think about is, sharing this with everyone, but I know I should play it safe.

There is a rejuvenated sense of hope and an old sense of loss. I think I am mastering the balance between them. For now

Note: When someone guesses who this blogger is, I will post a link to that person's blog where you will find my post for today.

Update: Yoda's Mistress guessed this guest blogger correctly, but I decided to put the link in the comments in one of you wants to figure it out on your own.


Geohde said...

I know who it is, so I'll disqualify myself from a guess :)

Good luck newly pregnant mystery blogger,


Yodasmistress said...

This has to be Fertilize Me. The timeline is just right.

Kami said...

That was fast! Yoda's Mistress you got it.

My post is over at her blog at

Lori said...

"There is a rejuvenated sense of hope and an old sense of loss. I think I am mastering the balance between them."

Congrats on walking that tightrope, Fertilize Me.