Friday, June 5, 2009

We are still lucky!

Our luck continues to hold. The best kind of two week wait: it only lasts one week and you get the results you want - in this case a BFN. That is, my skin biopsy was negative for abnormal cells or no cutaneous t-cell lymphoma. We still treat the parapsoriasis because leaving it untreated would increase the risk that it could become cancerous. We either use topical steroid or narrow band UVB. We will decide on a plan of action next week.

In other "we are lucky" news, a fun little tidbit on the LB front. Weeks after learning her first sign (for cat), she finally started using another one. It is the sign for "more" which we also use for "again". It is SO cute, if I dare say so myself.

The only problem is that she clearly is not using it to mean "more" or "again". She seems to mean, "If I do this silly hand movement, then will you pick me up and take me where I tell you?" I guess it is nicer than hearing "Puleeeeease?" or other forms of begging.

Now, should I encourage her to use the sign by picking her up and playing with her (or following her point and grunt that means, "take me there") or should I ignore it unless it is used to indicate more of what we are already doing?

In FET news, I have taken my last BCP and am waiting for CD1. Not sure what is next because I'm not sure if we are going to do a natural or synthetic cycle. I have never been so relaxed about a cycle. It really seems to be about the journey and not the destination since I don't expect it to work, but it would be really cool if it did. Let's hope it stays easy.


Riley said...

Congrats on the BFN - it's rare that we are able to say that! I hope your luck continues to hold.

Anonymous said...


Me said...

I am really glad your biopsy came back negative!

MrsSpock said...

Hooray for being cancer free! I hope this cycle works!

battynurse said...

Glad for that negative.
Sending much hope that the cycle is successful.

Sara said...

I'm so glad that the skin news was good. Whew!

Flo said...

You must be so relieved!

Regarding the signing, I would love to know the answer! Beatrice started with the milk sign and is overjoyed when I understand that she wants milk! So cute! Only... she now uses it for food, potty and drink too. We have to deduce... :-)

B said...

As a special ed teacher we use "more"as an affirmative (so we use it for wanting too) and "finished" as a negation.

And any new communication needs responding too - clarity in meaning is shaped later.


Smiling said...

I'd keep letting her use the sign to request interaction... but if you really want her to get the idea of 'more' get her engaged in a fun activity (swinging on the swing, bouncing on your knee, blowing bubbles, dancing on your hip... ) then occasionally pause (for like 2 secs) and show her the sign while animatedly say 'more' - or she might come up with a different thing for more and choose to use the current sign to mean, 'hey you let's do something!!" I am sure you and those around her could learn to accomodate that. Signs are arbitrary symbols anyway:)

Kids over generalize words/signs whenever they learn them.. milk for 3 different foods, dog for any animal etc. They sort it out once they have enough life experience.