Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Singing The Blues

Thank you everyone for your support and advice. After reading many comments that basically said, "Why be miserable?", I called my OB to discuss it further.

I told him that I am only really sad about 20-40% of the time, but when I am, it is bad and I am quite miserable (well, for me - not to trivialize the experience people who deal with depression on a daily basis). During those times I want a way out, but then the next morning or later that day I will be feeling better and think that I can just tough it out.

He said that it is not uncommon to feel more sad or get depressed when progesterone drops during pregnancy. This happens naturally around 15 to 16 weeks. It also happened just two weeks ago when I stopped my PIO shots.

His advice is to make it through the next 4 weeks and if my mood doesn't improve, then by all means we can look into a chemical solution. I can do 4 weeks.

I know I was depressed quite a bit with LB well passed the 16 week mark, but as I said, I was also grieving. I am hopeful things will get better. In the meantime lots of walks and chocolate. Hmm . . . I guess I am already using the chemical solution. Nothing like a little self medication with the good stuff.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

Mmmmm. Chocolate and rationality seem to be helping. Good thing you have access to both!

Sending you some virtual good stuff.

Me said...

Ok this is totally not what your post is about... but you made me remember that I can eat chocolate for a little while again. Yay for small gifts!

MrsSpock said...

I had no idea a progesterone drop-off could mean the blues at this time of pregnancy. I think the plan sounds like a good one..

Panamahat said...

So sorry your hormones are messing with your moods and mind. It is a horrible place to be, hostage to hormonal override. Wishing you well with your plan, and sending hugs. xx

Sunny said...

Interesting about the progesterone drop. I will certainly watch for that when I stop my supplements!

Chocolate is a GREAT idea. I've read that it does stimulate endorphins (sp?) and make you happier! Duh. :)

Lorraine said...

Mmmm, the chocolate cure!

But seriously, it's good to hear that you talked with the doc about it - just nice to know the option has been discussed, and that your time frame is really manageable.

Summer said...

That's interesting about the drop in progesterone. I'm glad you talked to OB about it and made a plan you are happy with.

battynurse said...

Good for you for looking into the why's of everything and for finding a possible answer for the blues. Also for a plan to make it through the next 4 weeks and reassess. I hope the next 4 weeks are good. Hugs to you.