Friday, August 28, 2009

Please Help

I just got a request from a friend about a friend of hers - someone who has been trying to bring home their child from Guatemala for 4 years. I can't imagine being separated from your child for that long.

They are almost there, but they need people to help ASAP in a mailing blitz to try to bring attention to their cause.

Here is the link. Please take 15 minutes to print out and mail the letters.


Laurie said...

Thanks Kami! :-)

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

DONE! well I should say that I posted it on my blog and have my envelopes ready but still fighting to print out the letters, I have always had issues with PDF files, well I will get it figured out by Monday when the mail goes out.
I am surpried that this time aroud they don't listen to you about your depression, I just watched something on TV about post partum and how you are 50% more likely to get it if you were depressed during pregnancy, oh how I hate these hormones. I"m depressed too but you know f#$%$### aunt flow has alot to do with that, will I ever be normal and happy and fit into the the world of pregant people, I guess not.