Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We have a plan!

I just got off the phone with my RE and we have made a plan. It is right, it will work and no one will have to get nailed to anything!*

We will do the FET as planned in June. We have one frozen embryo with about a 70% chance it will survive the thaw and a 30% chance I will get pregnant if it makes it to transfer. I will not cycle with my own eggs - this cycle.

If this FET cycle works and we get a real live baby out of it, we will have the two kids I have always wanted and we can put TTC behind us forever. I won't get that one last one-last-chance with my eggs, but I will be as ok with that as I have ever been (I was going to say 100% ok, but it is probably closer to 95% - that's just my nature).

If this FET doesn't work, I will cycle with my eggs along with the donor (Belinda - the same one who helped us with LB) in September. Hopefully that one will work. If not, we move on to any frozen we might have from that cycle. If those fail to make a baby, we still put TTC behind us forever and be happy with our Little Butterfly.

I still haven't heard about my FSH levels so the plan may change soon, but for now it is decided and I can forget about it for awhile.

It's a good day. Thank you to every one who has told me what I wanted to hear supported me.

*A nod to Douglass Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy. Any fertility gods who just thought, "I will show her who has the right to make plans!"; relax, would ya?


battynurse said...

Glad you have a plan that works for you. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you have a plan, and one that will give you a successful cycle or something to look forward to if the FET doesn't work.
I have one question or qualm, though.
In my experience (which is unfortunately long, including many cycles with my own material and with a donor's), it is very very difficult to have two women stimulate their ovaries simultaneously and expect to have a retrieval at the same time. Usually one woman takes longer than the other, and trying to get the retrieval to occur the same day means that one woman may have gone for beyond the optimal time, the other less. Is there a plan for this? Because it would be terrible if so much hope ad money went into a cycle that would still cause doubts and what-ifs.
I know this is the sort of negative, questioning comment that often offends, and I hope it's not the case. I really do hope you have an ideal outcome.

Sara said...

That sounds like a really sensible plan to me. Best of luck!

Lavender Luz said...

It must feel great to have found your path. May it all go well for you!

m said...

exciting news!

Riley said...

This sounds like a great plan! Congrats! I love having a plan - it always calms me down and makes me feel like we are making progress toward our goal. I especially like that it is a multi-faceted plan. I am sure one of these steps will work for you. Best of luck - I look forward to following you on your journey.

niobe said...

Yay! Great plan!

Peeveme said...

I completely forgot you had a frozen emby. Yes, makes sense to use that one first. If's is still a really great chance. And if it's not to be you do have a plan which sounds pretty sound to me.

I am interested in how the cycle with your donor would go. Sounds expensive and complicated...but then again expensive and complicated go along with this infertility territory.

Tracy said...

I'm glad you have a plan. For some reason, having a plan has always given me peace. I wish you only the best of luck!!!

Kami said...

Anonymous - Thank you for your comment. I like it when people ask challenging questions or point out concerns as long as it is done respectively.

You have a good point. Fortunately, my RE worked in one of the big name clinics back East some years ago when they were taking the chromosomes from the older patient and putting them into younger eggs (I forget the term) so he has extensive experience in stimulating two people in sync with one another.

I suspect if he needs to error in favor of one or the other, he would error on the side of getting the donor's eggs just right.

This will also answer Peeveme's question a bit. My RE is not going to charge me to cycle with my eggs. This was his offer so I asked him to tell me what he would prefer and it was his choice to use my eggs on the fresh cycle instead of the frozen. I don't know why that it, but it may be that the June series is very full or that it is easier to get the free procedures past the financial committee if I am shelling out the big bucks for a donor egg cycle.

Anonymous said...

I love this plan! You get a chance at number two from a variety of angles.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan!!!

Geohde said...

You have to do what gives you greatest peace in the long run. I wish you luck, Kami,



Me said...

I think that sounds like a great plan. And you know I've always supported your desires. :)

Lisa DG said...

I am glad you have a plan that you feel good about. If I were reading your blog, which you know that I am, I would have told you to do what your heart tells you is good for you. No one would judge you either way. This was seems like a great way to go and I agree that knowing gives peace of mind. I wish you the best and will be crossing my fingers for you on your journey.

I heard about those procedures you mentioned about combining the two women's eggs. I think they stopped that under Bush because of the perception that it was pseudo cloning. I wonder if they are going to begin doing that again or not. Does anyone know? I'd love to read more info on that.