Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another PSA - Medications and Mother's Milk

This is a comment from Midlife Mommy on the previous post ( added the bold):

A wonderful book that I can't live without is "Medications and Mother's Milk" by Jack Hale, PhD. His specialty is lactation pharmacology (hope I got that right); he teaches at a medical school. It will not give you tips on breastfeeding, but it will tell you what is safe to take, what is not, and suggest alternatives.

Both you and your doctor(s) will appreciate the way it is written. It's kind of expensive ($30 or so for a paperback), but it will help you win an argument with your doctor about whether you have to wean or not. It certainly helped me win an argument with my RE, who was dead set against my going forward with a medicated cycle while nursing.


Me said...

Woot! One thing I've learned about doctors is that about 50% of the time I know more than them. That's so sad.

DE Mommy said...


If we are so lucky as to get pg on this try and only have one, I want to start again ASAP!


stacyb said...

very helpful. thanks kami.