Friday, October 10, 2008

What she said

Some more thoughts on the importance of genetics.

Kate at It's Either Sadness or Euphoria

Me at We Are What We Repeatedly Do

In case you missed it, there are several thoughtful comments on the original post


luna said...

reading these responses has been so interesting. thanks for posting these intriguing questions, kami. as I struggle with accepting that I/we will never have a bio child, it's always interesting to me to see where others fall on the genetic connection and the nature-nurture issue.

I have no doubt that love makes a family. but it's also true that accepting the end of our genetic line and heritage -- both individually and together -- is a significant loss.

Sky said...

Hey there Kami, I'm back from CCRM (thanks for wishing me luck! :) and everything went very well.

But boy did I think about you during the psychological consult. Clearly, I'm a rare creature on this subject.

I left thinking maybe the reality of my crap eggs will come crashing down on me some day, which from my current vantage point, is a tough thing to even consider.


Sky said...

Kami wrote: "Don't you think it is funny that they require a consult with a social worker for DE and not DI?"

Kami, OMG! You are psychic - that is my next post, still in draft. Yes, it's mind-boggling. The friggen egg is king (to all but me). But here's a better one, everyone is so concerned about the egg donor looking like me, yet I am able to choose a sperm donor who is a 3 foot tall, green, Martian for all they care.

I mean, how stupid is that?!

Children aren't 100% of any one person. For all they know, my sperm donor is my brother (no worse than using a sister as an egg donor, BY THE WAY!) and so I chose an egg who is the opposite of my own physical characteristics because that was already established by the sperm donor.

God, I just get really pissed off when someone tries to impart THEIR morality on me!

RJ said...

Kate's site is actually ". . .sadness or euphoria. . ." not ". . .and despair" :). That's me, rooting for the euphoria.

Seriously, I had these writings opened in various tabs and noticed DH reading them intently. So happy to see others writing about these challenging topics!


Bee Cee said...

I loved reading this post on Bridges. The more I am thinking that DE will be our route, it really helps to understand other peoples thoughts on the subject.