Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Best Laid Plans

I thought I would record our plans for our attempt for a sibling - currently referred to as Little Butterfly Mark Two; Not Better, Just Different or LBMkIINBJT - so when things go awry we can look back and laugh (or cry - as the case may be).
  • Pre-cycle physical in March
  • FET in late April / early May (natural cycle if possible)
  • Fresh cycle in June if the FET fails
  • Continue to breastfeed LB throughout cycling and pregnancy (if we have one)
  • Homebirth (if we get pregnant)
We may not be able to pull off the two cycles so close together since I will need to get my cycle synced with Belinda's in about one month (if the FET fails). This is assuming we don't get pregnant and then miscarry. If we miss June, the next available cycle will be September, but Belinda may not be able to make that one so it will be November. What do you think the chances are that everything will go according to plan? My thoughts exactly - very slim.

What is not yet decided is if I will cycle one more time with my own eggs first (ha! Only kidding. Damn, I still wish . . . maybe I will find a spare $15,000?) **. Actually, we just need to decide if we want to pay "per cycle" or take advantage of the clinics "x3" price - allowing us to pay a higher fee for three tries. While I was pregnant, I told Brad I would be happy just trying once and if it didn't work, we would just have the one child. Now I am waffling. Of course, Belinda would need to be up for three tries too.

Speaking of Belinda, I have been in touch with her since the "I-met-my-donor's-mother" day. She apologized for how uncomfortable it made me, which I appreciated. One good thing about it was that I was able to more fully appreciate her relationship with her mother so in a way it was another means for us to get to know each other better. I'm still happy that we have a known donor. I'm still thankful for Belinda's kindness and willingness to help us not only have one child but two. In fact, I spoke with her tonight and she is excited about possibly cycling in June and will be scheduling her pre-cycle physical. It is likely we will need to pay for some things that we won't need if the FET works - like Belinda's physical and the legal stuff in order to cycle in June, but I think it is worth it.

For the time being, I will attempt to forget all about it for the next 4 months.

**I thought I would be better adjusted by now too.


Geohde said...


I hope your plans come beautifully to fruition.

I'm wondering about cycling next year.....but I'm also going to need to get back to work to afford it. Ah for the ideal world of free IVF....


Bee Cee said...

Hoping 2009 is our year.

MrsSpock said...

I hope your plans work the way you want!

Anonymous said...

Good luck - at least you have a plan! And if you need to deviate from the plan that's ok. And now you can set that aside for a few months and revel in your mommy-ness!

Anonymous said...

I wish you all the best! And Belinda sounds like an amazing person.

wifethereof said...

It's good to have a plan and allow for some flexibility. Good Luck!

Kate said...

Wow! How exciting!