Monday, July 27, 2009

Going For A Walk

A couple of nights ago I could not wait to get into bed. I don't remember what the original delay was, but it was 9:00 at night and I was dead tired. Then we realized we hadn't made the bed yet and the sheets were still damp in the dryer. Since we cosleep that meant there was no place to put the baby to bed either.

She seemed to be doing ok with it. Not time for bed? Then let's go for a walk! She steered (she still holds my hands when she walks . . . I walk behind her) me toward the door and pointed to my shoes. Never mind that she was still barefoot. Begrudgingly, I followed her lead - what else to do to keep her happy while we wait for the sheets to dry. We stepped out the door and into . . . a perfectly wonderful summer evening.

It was dusk and cool with a very light breeze. The moon was setting and looked large despite it being a 1/4 moon. I realized I should be enjoying this time together, not wishing it away. Happily, we walked down the street, LB leading the way the entire time. We walked over a man hole cover. "Hey, that was different!" I imagined her thinking as we turned around to walk over it again. One more time and we were ready to move on. Next, off to the neighbors house where there was a party going on. She was obviously moving to crash the party probably hoping for someone to smile or wave at her.

What the heck? We crashed the party. I knew the neighbors wouldn't mind. Did LB want to say hello? Perhaps that was her intention, but when she discovered the stairs on their deck, going up and down them was enough for her. We did that about 6 times while I chatted with the neighbor. Then off again . . . back out the gate and down the street.

At this point I decided to steer her home. She wasn't too happy about it until I cut through the neighbor's yard. Perhaps she didn't realize that meant we were still going home or maybe this little bit of new and different was enough of a distraction. She continued to enjoy the walk, happily talking to herself and occasionally veering this way and that. I continued to enjoy this perfect moment too. Mom and daughter going for a walk. It doesn't get any better.

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battynurse said...

How sweet.
And of course a cool evening (which rarely happens here) sounds wonderful too.

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

there are so many things that we wish away, but if they wer taken away form us we would wish we could do them again.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

It is so special to see the world through the eyes of someone 2.5 feet tall. EVERYthing is fascinating.

Way to roll with the punches. Not sure I would been as graceful.

Sarah Andrews said...

I love moments like that where you suddenly realize that everything is right and perfect in your world! Thanks for taking me along too!