Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's All Good

Things are still going well on the pregnancy front. Brad and I have had some vacation time so I have been away from the computer. I apologize for the silence and for not keeping out with other's events.

We had b/w two days ago (skipped the u/s this week) and all appears to be well. I have been a bit nauseous and more fatigued than usual. At least, I think. I have gotten in the habit of nibbling all day to make up for sleep deprivation which tends to keep the sickies at bay and I am always tired anyway. Although there was the day I put LB in the car seat while I tried to nap in the car because I knew she couldn't get away. Hmmm . . . I wonder if my house is big enough for a playpen and if she would adjust to using one?

The really great thing about this pregnancy is that I have found I can be more excited about it working out in the end. I don't know I will have a baby, but I can hope in a way I couldn't (wouldn't) with LB. I know I can survive a loss. I know I can be ok with one child. Those thoughts have allowed me to take the greater emotional risk of planning for this to work.

I even made my OB appointment for 9 weeks 5 days. How's that for risky?

I haven't made my midwifery appointment yet, but she is a bit more flexible with her schedule and can fit me in more easily.

And, yes, the plan is a home birth. That would be a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) for those that are new to my blog. I am very hopeful we won't transport this time. Third times a charm, right?

Next big update it Monday at 6 weeks 1 day where we will, hopefully, see a h/b and a baby measuring on time.


Sunny said...

I am so glad you are feeling good about this pregnancy -- emotionally, at least! I hope you can arrange something to help you get a bit more rest during the day.

I think "rest" and "toddler" are mutually exclusive, sadly enough.

Lorraine said...

Sounds like you are doing really well - feeling exhausted and crappy is GOOD, right?

I'll be thinking of you on Monday!

Summer said...

You seem like you are in a good place. How wonderful to see that!

Looking forward to your Monday appt update.

Peeveme said...

You sound like you are doing well. Good job at managing hope and fear!

Me said...

Can't wait for the good news in 4 days! :)

battynurse said...

So glad that things are looking good so far and that you are feeling more comfortable with things. Good luck with your next appointment. Hope you had fun camping.

Anonymous said...

It's so nice that having one child does help.
Keeping my fingers crossed for a strong HB!

MrsSpock said...

I hope all your wonderful plans come to fruition, and LB gets a little friend!