Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 5 update

We will be doing the transfer tomorrow -on day 6. My clinic likes to do transfers with expanded blasts which can either happen on day 5 or day 6. The younger the eggs, the more likelihood of a day 5 expanded blast. My embryologist keeps telling me that it doesn't matter in terms of pregnancy rates whether embryos reach expanded blasts on day 5 or day 6.

Of course, I was hoping for a day 5 transfer because that would give me a reason to believe that this cycle would turn out differently than the previous 4. Unfortunately, if we get some evidence of that, it won't be today.

Today's embryo report - in terms of number and growth rate of the embryos - is no better than the cycles with my eggs. In fact, it is worse than 2 of our previous cycles. It is better than one and can't be compared to the other (we did day 3 transfer that cycle). I am disappointed and not very hopeful. Of course, the proof will be whether or not we get pregnant and have a healthy baby. I can imagine that we could still have an egg issue even if my early embryos grew as well as early embryos from a donor.

I am hoping that tomorrows report might still give us some hope. In our previous 3 cycles where we did a day 6 transfer, we have had only one make it to expanded blast each time. Maybe we will have more with Belinda's eggs.

For those who like to obsess - below are our day 5 embryos for each cycle.

1) 1 early blast; 1 compacted (blighted ovum)

2) 1 expanded blast; 3 early blasts; 2 compacted (m/c at 8 weeks)

3) 3 day transfer (BFN)

4) 2 early blasts; 4 compacted; 4 starting to compact (chemical)

5) 2 early blasts; 3 compacted (this cycle)

I will let you know what we transfer and what they looked like as soon as I can tomorrow. Thank you again to everyone for your continued support.


Jill said...

I just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you....

Fertilize Me said...

Kami - I am wishing this to be a BFP cycle! I am sorry how you are feeling about this cycle. I wish there were ways to comfort and provide you hope - but for now Ill just provide prayers

Meg said...

good luck tomorrow

Taina said...

I've "seen" you around. Last week I found your blog and have been reading ever since (mostly in reverse order). I just don't know what to say... I guess it is best summed up as "I really hope this works" even if such a phrase feels grossly inadequate at this juncture.

Foreverhopeful said...

Thanks for the update. Just wanted to wish you lots of luck with your transfer tomorrow. I know there is nothing I can say to change your reality right now. We just have to hope and belive this time is going to be different. I know its easier said than done. Hang in there and sending you a big hug. Thinking of you.

Kim said...

Hoping tomorrow goes well and that this is the ONE!!!

Geohde said...

Thinking of you Kami,

I'm sorry that it's all proving so worrying for you.

Mind you is there ever such a beast as a smooth problem free IVF cycle where EVERYTHING falls into place just so with a BFP at the end?

The BFP's don't seem to be predicted by ideal stims etc, so I'm hoping for you.

Where I stand I'm hoping that I manage to get eggs at all, but that's standard before retrieval!



mchope said...

Wishing you best of luck for tomorrow and sending good thoughts and prayers.

Lori said...

Kami, joining the others who are thinking of you and pulling for you.

niobe said...

I'm hoping this cycle will be the one.