Friday, August 3, 2007

A bundle of sunshine all weekend long!

That was my promise to Brad last weekend. During all the drama over the billing issue at the clinic, Brad told me that it didn't matter if it got resolved before the weekend or not - even if it was resolved in my favor - because I would find something else IF related to worry about.

I am happy to report that I can let go of IF worries for an entire weekend. I had a few moments where I slipped into old habits, but with Brad's gentle reminders, I quickly got back on track. It was a great weekend!

There is more good news: Belinda had her b/w today (CD3's and all the other stuff for donors) and her physical is Thursday so we should know pretty quickly if we are all set for September.

Brad and I also starting wearing our Infertility Bracelet over the weekend. I made a simple "friendship bracelet" pattern out of the DMC #814 embroidery floss. I missed that phase when I was a kid, but it wasn't too hard. I hope it will be noticed - and I hope to notice it on others.


SULLY said...

May the rain clouds stay away this week, and you have nothing but peace and joy!

Enjoy the new found "freedom"

Inconceivable said...

i am going to have to make me some of those. i am very glad that you had a sunshiny weekend

Lori said...

Brad sounds like a real gem.