Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Me? Really?!

I have been nominated by Leah and Fertilize Me for the

Honestly, I feel so honored. I was thinking last night how I feel like such an inadequate blogger (feelings spilling over from infertility?) - I don't feel I keep up well enough or comment often enough. I worry that I say the wrong things when I do comment. So it was just nice timing and I am very grateful to these two ladies.

So, now I need to figure out 5 more lovely ladies to nominate. Like so many other's have said, it is tough to list just 5, but here goes:

  • Lori for both her blogs: Weebles Wobblog and Drama 2B Mama. She often leaves me with so much to think about.
  • The Shifty Shadow. A new blogger who has survived a great deal and had me hooked by the quote in her title bar.
  • Foreverhopeful at Wishing it would get easier. She is just ahead of me on the DE journey and just so positive. The love she and her sister (her donor) share is amazing.
  • Pamela Jeanne at Coming 2 Term: She may have already made the rounds with this one - so she gets nominated more than once. She is a constant reminder to be true to the infertility community no matter how my journey turns out in the end.
  • Beaten but not bowed because she is always posting about other people's updates and supporting other DE blogs
Ok ladies, your turn.


Lori said...

WOW! Now I know how Sally Field felt at the Oscars.

Congrats to you! So deserving.

So, my current post is about liquor and dessert. Greeeeaaaat first impression on new readers about my ability to think. Maybe I should do a quickie about the theory of relativity or something?

I'm so honored. And happy to have you in my circle. Thanks, Kami.

SULLY said...


Pamela Jeanne said...

Right back at cha. Very cool! Thanks much -- very honored. I'm all for recognizing the bloggers who rock. I'll give it some thought and see who hasn't been named. Much appreciated.

Meg said...


Foreverhopeful said...

Congrats on the nomination - very deserving!!! And thanks for nominating me. I'm so so honored. Its funny how you think I'm positive because I used to be a really positive girl and infertility robbed me of that. Its been hard to find that person again and I haven't felt that positive for so long. But my little sister has given me so much hope and has helped me so much to restore that part of me I lost. Thanks again and its recognition like this that I'm glad I continue to blog and meet many women like you.

Drowned Girl said...

Aww, thanks honey!

I'll get to it!