Saturday, August 11, 2007

An emotional and physical boost

It has not been a very good day. It hasn't been bad exactly, more melancholy than anything. We didn't sleep well last night, we need to mow the lawn, I fly out at 7:00 am tomorrow for work.

Thankfully we have access to the one true sap of goodness, health and happiness.

We are off to our favorite espresso stand to get an iced mocha!

All. Is. Well.

We might even get around to mowing the lawn afterwards.

Update: The lawn is mowed and the spirits are lifted.


The Town Criers said...

Those melancholy ones are so hard--so dreary even when it's sunny outside. I'm glad spirits were lifted.

SULLY said...

Trade ya weekends!

Are you now headed to Niagra?

Fertilize Me said...

GLad to reda the update and lifted spirits!! Have a safe trip

Geohde said...

I have no lawn to mow :)

Lori said...


Love that sap of goodness and health.

Hope you have a fruitful trip with good sleep, no lawn, and elevated spirits.

Carlynn said...

I loved your post, "Choices" and the idea of just deciding. It is so simple yet your story of deciding that Brad was your true love is beautiful.

And thank you very much for your comment, you weren't out of line at all. I think it often is a case of recognising the train of self-loathing and just not getting on it.

I wish you lots of luck with your new eggs. Hope your melancholy lifts.

Carlynn said...

We transferred one embryo, can you believe it? Four eggs were retrieved, three fertilised with ICSI and we transferred them one at a time and the third time it worked, despite me thinking that only transferring one was NEVER going to work.

My RE said half the eggs retrieved are usually good so I guess this proves him right. Half of three is 1.5 so the third one must have been that goodie (or I'm hoping it is!)